May 21, 2024

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BANFF, AB (May 21, 2024): The finalists of the NGIF Accelerator (NGIF) Global Cleantech Challenge (Challenge) have officially been announced at the International Gas Research Conference (IGRC) 2024 in Banff. The Challenge, operated by the NGIF Accelerator and supported by its Industry Grants member companies, was a funding call to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and startups with clean technology solutions from around the world to lower emissions for natural gas.

The finalists of the Challenge were awarded a grant of ~ $6.3MM (CAD) in funding to support the development of their pre-commercial clean technology solution and an opportunity for its validation through a demonstration at one of our member companies to evaluate product market fit.

The clean technology categories include Methane Emissions Reduction, Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage (CCUS), Heat and Power Generation, Renewable Natural Gas (RNG), Hydrogen, and Digital Solutions. The funding will provide the necessary support for the finalists to continue their work in advancing clean energy solutions globally.

Image: From left, Dr. Murray Thomson, Aurora Hydrogen; Johnathon Sipos, Cielo Carbon Solutions; Michael Sereda-Mohr, Spherical Rotors; Omid Norouzisafsari, Anaergia Inc; Alex Zorniger, Power to Hydrogen; Tim Short, Laszlo Energy Services; Jeffrey Girard, Harvest Systems; Gary Schubak, Ekona Power; Mark Cannon, Hydrogen in Motion; Alex Nardi, Hydrogen Optimized; John Adams, NGIF Accelerator; Akhil Abat, NGIF Accelerator; Natasha Kostenuk, Ayrton Energy; Clément Cid, Mitico (C-Quester); Thomas Steiner, Etalim; Aaron Gould, Osmoses; Katherine Mizrahi-Rodriguez, Osmoses; Taryn Humphreys, Qube Technologies; Nick Tzonev, GeoTeknica; Ben Letter, Mantel Capture.

The finalists are listed below:

“We are thrilled to announce the finalists of the Global Cleantech Challenge at IGRC2024 in Banff,” said John Adams, President and CEO, NGIF Accelerator. “This provided an opportunity for international startups with emissions reduction solutions to access funding, technology validation, and Canadian energy companies.

NGIF Accelerator will continue supporting the development of clean technologies through initiatives like the Global Cleantech Challenge so that we can advance startups to lead the way towards emissions reduction solutions for cleaner natural gas.

For more information on the Global Cleantech Challenge and the winners announced at IGRC2024 in Banff, please visit